The Shadows are exactly what you have in your world --- shadows. They follow you around everywhere. Well, in our world, they have their own area called "Shadow Town." There, they live with all the millions and millions of shadows, including their queen, The Shadow Queen, who never shows herself to anyone except the shadows, and lives in Shadow Palace. Even then, a shadow would be lucky to see the queen. Not exactly lucky, speaking she's the most ruthless of all the Shadows. Be careful, shadows aren't what they seem. To you, they seem like their so worthless they shouldn't even be there. To us, they are clever, smart, and not at all dumb. Some of them are nice, but others are blah. You know when you die? That's your shadow either turning evil, sick of you, or wants to be free. When a human is born, a Shadow attaches itself to the human, and not by choice either. This is why shadows might turn on you. They cannot be anywhere else unless your there, or until you die. They can't even cross over to Shadow Town. Yeah, that makes them mad.

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